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  • E-Book
    • As of the end of 2019, E-books were produced in seven languages(English, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Uzbekistan) mainly in countries where the development of the self-study text books was completed. Each language consists of two books.
    • When you study by E-books, click the head phone button headphone to play the listening practice, learners are able to study listening smoothly.
    • Correct answer is hidden in each page, so, you can check the answer by pointing the mouse at the purple box.
Read Self-Study E-Book
English For English user 1 Read E-Book
For English user 2 Read E-Book
Sri_Lanka For Sri Lankans 1 Read E-Book
For Sri Lankans 2 Read E-Book
Myanmar For Myanmarese 1 Read E-Book
For Myanmarese 2 Read E-Book
Thailand For Thais 1 Read E-Book
For Thais 2 Read E-Book
Uzbekistan For Uzbekistanis 1 Read E-Book
For Uzbekistanis 2 Read E-Book
Vietnam For Vietnamese 1 Read E-Book
For Vietnamese 2 Read E-Book
Laos For Laotians 1 Read E-Book
For Laotians 2 Read E-Book
Laos For Bangladeshi 1 download
For Bangladeshi 2 download
Laos For Cambodian 1 download
For Cambodian 2 download